Selling Your Business

Choosing to sell your business is a big decision, one not to be taken lightly and one that, if done right, can bring you the financial ability to start a new venture, pay off your debt, and or retire.

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your business you want to make sure that you will be represented by a team that not only knows how to properly value your company, but also will aggressively and confidentially market your business to the largest group of potential buyers available.

Top Three Reasons to Choose BBI to Sell Your Business:

  1. A strong influx of qualified buyers
  2. A team of professional business educated Business Brokersnew family home
  3. A commitment to honoring our fiduciary responsibility to you

Strong Viable Buyers

One of BBI’s greatest advantages is its network of  international buyers. These individuals have the financial strength and funds to complete the transaction. They are looking to buy and run an American business, and then expand it and hire additional American citizens. They are applying for a specialty investment visa or green card known as:

  • E2 Visa
  • EB5 Direct Green Card

By advertising your business for sale with BBI  you expand your business’s visibility throughout the globe.

We pre-qualify all buyers, bringing to you only those who are  serious about buying a business.  Our associates have  brought together hundreds of qualified buyers and sellers, from both the US and international markets.

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Our Team

The second most significant advantage to hiring BBI is our team. BBI employs business educated agents who are knowledgeable and trained to:

  • Value your business correctly
  • Review the industry and market trends
  • Market your business in strict confidentiality
  • Bring you only qualified buyers

 Our Fiduciary Duty

We take our fiduciary responsibility serious and honor it by offering to share commissions with all business brokers and licensed agents who produce a viable candidate. This commitment to you, significantly increases your market of potential candidates and substantially increases your ability to sell your business.

Want to know more about listing your business with BBI? Click here.

Want to sell your business at top dollar?  We partner with Lanick Corporation, a leading consulting firm that offers services designed to increase your bottom line and position your business to sell for more.

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